You can send or receive local Money transfers at any post office countrywide at the most competitive rates.

Personalised and Postal Oriented Services

In an effort to meet the needs of our valued customers, the Guyana Post Office Corporation offers the Guyanese populace a wide variety of unique services tailored to meet each individual. These include:

  • Local (Residential) and Overseas Mail – Customers sending domestic and overseas mail must be cognizant of these requirements, since it applies to all classes of mail:
    • In order to determine the correct postage stamp to be affixed, the mail is subjected to being weighed
    • The requisite postage stamp  should be purchased and placed on the top right hand corner of the envelope
    • The name and address of the recipient must be written in clear print on the front of the envelope
  • Enclosure of cash or valuables in any mail is prohibited
  • Registered Mail (Domestic and Overseas) – This service guarantees more security and reliability and verifies receipt of the mail:
    • Domestic registration fee GY$60.00 + postage
    • Overseas registration fee GY$300.00 + postage
  • Advice of Delivery – This service testifies that the mail was delivered to the addressee since a signed delivery receipt returns to the sender with the addressee’s verifiable signature:
    • Domestic advice of delivery fee GY$200.00
    • Overseas advice of delivery fee GY$400.00
  • Express Mail Service (Local and Overseas) – This unique service has proven to be efficient and reliable and is fully documented and traceable.
    • Includes tracking and tracing
  • Parcel Post (Acceptance and Delivery) – Facilitates the posting of parcels and bulky packets locally and internationally via airmail only.
    • Sending a parcel: Provide a Government of Guyana issued National Identification Card and valid proof of address (recent utility bill or letter passing through the Post within the last three months).
    • Uplifting a parcel:  Provide a Government of Guyana issued National Identification Card.  For further information kindly contact our Customer Services Department on telephone number 226-3127.
  • Sale of Revenue and Postage Stamps
  • Rental of Private Letter Boxes
  • Same Day and Postal Money Orders
  • Promotions
  • International Reply Coupon
  • Rates
  • Letter Rates
  • Parcel Rates
  • E.M.S
  • Encashment of British Postal Orders
  • Encashment of Foreign Money Orders (selected Postal Administrations)