You can send or receive local Money transfers at any post office countrywide at the most competitive rates.

Frequently Asked Questions

You need to walk with your National Identification Card or Passport, proof of address (recent utility bill or letter passing through the Post within the last three months).


Persons posting on behalf of Organizations are required to bring their National Identification Card or Passport and an authorization with letter head.

Persons holidaying or doing business in Guyana, are required to bring their Passport and a letter from the hotel they are staying at.

An application can be uplifted at any Post Office; same must be completed and returned where a receipt will be issued. The cost is $300GYD per certificate. All applications will be submitted to the General Registrar’s Office.

Addressee information must be placed at the front of the envelope (in the center). Sender information must be placed at the top left corner (front) or at the back of the envelope.

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Mail can be posted at any Post Office / Postal Agency or Pillar Boxes (mail must carry the relevant postage stamp.)